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These are the gems combernations to use and the wizards domain!

for rare items you can use 3 sapphires,or 2   sapphires with 1  ruby.

for very rare items you can use 3 rubies, 2  rubies and 1 emerald, or 1 saphire 1 ruby & 1 emerald, or 2 rubies and 1 saphire.

for ultra rare items you can use 3 emeralds, 2 emeralds and one diamond, or two diamonds and one ruby.

for legendary items you can use 3  diamonds.

Rare Items


Pink Balloon T-Shirt

 Cleopatra Wig

Gypsy Outfit

 Red Shaggy Hair

Blue Afro

 Fiesta Hair

 Pagegirls cap

 Senorita’s hair

 Red high heels

 Puffy Dotted Shirt

 Blue Hair with Hat

 Golden Prom Dress

 Pink Headband

 Green Striped Board

 Pink Skirt

 Pumpkin Head with red bow

 Bee Board


 Blue Balloon T-Shirt

 Sombrero Green Striped Board

 Green Shirt

 Green Hat

Pumpkin Head

 Star Bandanna

 Blonde Buzz cut

 Blue Afro

 Newsboy Hat

 Gladiator Helmet

 Motorbike Helmet

Red and White striped tank

 Boys Genie costume

Very Rare Items


   Speedy board

 Strawberry Costume

 Pencil Board

 Kawaii Hair

 Magic Pencil Board 

 fluffy pink ribbon

 Cleopatra sandals

  Funny Red Scarf

 Party Dress

 Sophia Dress

 Green Wheelbarrow

 Long black hair

 Belted Mandarin Top

 Arabian Princess

 Peasant Girl

 Girly Pink Kitten


 Rugby shirt

 Speedy Board Pencil Board

 Magic Pencil Board

Funny Blue Scarf

 Green Wheelbarrow

Ultra Rare Items


 Rose Headband

 Rubber Duckie Board

50s outfit


 Yin Yang Skirt and Shorts


 Senor Pinata board

 Victorian Dress

 Heavy Bangs with Headband

  Valentine Dress

 Blue Water Tube

 Summer white dress

 flower crown

 Pink Ghost with bow

 Miss Mint

 Flying Pumpkin Board

 Honey Bee Rare Costume

Rubber Duckie Board

 Senor Pinata board

 Blue Water Tube

Blue Ghost

 Flying Pumpkin Board

Legendary Items



  Bush costume

 Flower Sandals

 Cleopatra’s dress

 Tambourine Board

 Intriguing Braids

Librarian Hair

 Hula Outfit

 Braided Hair

 Egg Board

  Pink Bob

 Fancy Hat

 Peacock Dress

 Pink Angel 

 Red Devil



  Bush costume

 Blue Tuxedo

 Tambourine Board

 Egg Board

 Blue Angel

 Green Devil




i wont always have all of the stuff but if you have any questions just ask!

credit to frosty 🙂



22 responses

24 11 2009

Wow really helpful- I just am wandering if girls can get the candle costume…

25 01 2010

Wow nice
This is really helpful!
Too bad I can’t see the pictures…
It won’t load
Can U help me?
Plz ^.^

19 06 2010

Omg that’s cool I’m brianna671 on fantage !

4 09 2010

i love fantage!!!! it my fav game n that cheats r helpfull xD!!!

30 09 2010

Okay Im a non-member, and I have seen other non-members with the shaggy, layered red hair. How do they get it ? When I ask, they said that at Wizards Domain. Which means that it’s a rare item. But whats the combination ? I tried all blue, but it didn’t work. It said that I have all the rare items. And the thing is, when I check the list, it doesnt show the hair ! PLEASE HELP !

15 04 2011

Hey. I have the hair but a few weeks ago it went outta date and the took it away hope it helps.

26 06 2011

you have to do it multiple times to get it

13 05 2011

ive seen stuff in this list that i dont have and that it says that i have all the ultra rare combinations?!!

25 05 2011

How can i cheat e-coinz? i need a lot plz help me

1 07 2011
Fantage Princess Smarty


3 07 2011
Mandy M. Remick

Hi Um On Fantabe Im Gwen_Star and can you meet me in the server pear parrot at 5:00 pm? thanks

7 07 2011

I am a member and I want the kitty board plz help me get it!!!!!!!

30 09 2011

I am a member to and i have all the things there

14 07 2011

im a member and i just wanna a cheat for gems 🙂

2 08 2011

whats the gem combo for the golden dress?

22 08 2011

Ya it is rare. I have it and the combo is one ruby and two emeralds. Just keep on trying!

20 09 2011

how do you get rid of gems plz help mika1213

20 09 2011

allso how do you get more e coins because i do not have any

29 10 2011

do u no any combos, like which gems to use to get the items? and can u get these cheats from this website in ur inbox? thx, this is really a cool site!!!

29 10 2011

on fantage i am puppies2220 i usually go on Pink Cow or a server whose name has something 2 do w dogs lol, like something Poodle…idk, i forgot lol or ANY USER WIT ALOTTA PPL!!!! 🙂

9 11 2011

Hey, im aj an im trying to get the Emo cut for boys but no one will tell me the combo so can u ?? plzz

9 11 2011

Oh yeh by the way ima member on Fantage and my Username is aq_rock1 an my lvl is 794 and i STILL dont have the Emo cut hair for boys and almost everyone i know has it….. SO PLZ TELL ME IT ! cuz u said u had everything but idk if u have that cuz i dont think ur a boy…. but can ya help me anyway? Thx 😀

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