The Mad Scientist

1.Talk to Super Agent Scarlet in the mission center


2. Now you will see Dr.Finkelstein starting a thunderstorm from the lighthouse on fantage.

3. Now talk to Super Agent Scarlet again. Go over to the lighthouse by going into the water at the beach and you will see the orange sign.

 4.You will be thrown into the water by robots… tell superAgent Scarlet and after talking to her you will have to look for legendary armor on the map that comes up.

5. You can find a piece of armour at each one of these codes on the grid : A,3  A,4  C,4  D,1  E,3 E,6. When you find them all talk to Agent Scarlet.

6. Scarlet will upgrade the armour for you. Go back to the lighthouse to defeat Dr.Finkelstein

7. Now you will have to the Battle with the ~Weatherbots~ game. get instructions from the help button, then start the game.

8. first you battle Timmy The Tornado. Jump and duck to dodge the tornado’s. hold down space to shoot bigger circles and do more damage.

9. Do the same with Mark The Shark and his water attacks this time.

10. Next is Zap Morris, his lightning attacks are bigger and  harder to dodge.

11. After that you have to defeat the WeatherBot. You will have to use weather cards. wind defeats lightning, lightning defeats water, water defeats wind.


12. After that, Dr.Finkelstein tries to fly away with a propellor but you get in a heliocopter and Scarlet jumps out with a parachute………then you go back to the mission centre, get your medal and……all done!yay!



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11 10 2009

good guide !

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