3 12 2011

ok so i know i havn’t posted in a LLOOONGG time. so , i want some ideas abouut what you fantagians would like me to post and what stuff you want me to put here on my blog.
ALSO, if you see me around Fantage, probably on Amber Antelope or a full one and around downtown or in a fashion show, ask me for a pic and ill post it up here! i want to get lots of photos with my “fans” 😉
thanks, and merry christmas if i dont come on before then!! 🙂



3 12 2011

hey everyone, if you want to see some cheats and videos about fantage and other stuff visit my youtube at or just search robinrosina! thanks 🙂

3 12 2011

24 02 2011

click for cheats , pictures , games , missions , models ,

advertise your site , chat language , gems , and contests

have fun 🙂


24 02 2011

hi everyone,
i haven’t been posting anymore, sorry, but i’ve kind of grown out of fantage.

if you want cheats i have them, just click the ‘cheats’ tab up the top, and look at all my other stuff.

feel free to comment, ask questions, and post your website on the ‘advertising’ tab!


robinrosina 🙂

13 01 2010

New Clothes, Hair, and Boards!

On Thursday, Jan. 14th, get ready to go on a fabulous shopping spree! New items will be arriving in Le Shop, Stellar Salon, and Loco Boardz! These new items are cool, fresh, and jam-packed with style….after all, would you really expect anything less? These new items are sure to help with your fashion show prowess over at Top Models, Inc. as well!

Let’s check out some of the new items! 😉

Orion is releasing special Soda Can costumes over at Wizard’s Domain on Thursday as well! Wow!

Weekend Train Frenzy!

Hello Fantagians! We hope you guys all enjoyed the new Train accessories this past weekend! It was truly amazing how long some of your trains were! We wanted to let you know that if you weren’t able to get your trains over the weekend, don’t worry! Train accessories are still available from Orion over at Wizard’s Domain…so race over to nab them as soon as possible!

Check out all 6 of the NEW Train accessories! To make your Train look more realistic, use your animated Train Wheel board when wearing your train car!

Rare Train Wheel Board!

Attention Fantagians!

An animated Train Wheel board will be available today at Wizard’s Domain! Use this board whenever you are wearing one of your train accessories to complete the look of your train! Check out the animation below to see the wheels in motion.


You and your friends will be able to make a super long train!

All Aboard the Train!

Attention All!

We have a special treat in store for all of you Fantagians! Orion is releasing 6 Rare Train accessories on Friday over at Wizard’s Domain, but if you think these are going to be just any ordinary accessories….think again! Each train is one piece of a longer train. Get together with friends who have the different train cars and form a really long train! Go and get your trains right away and see if you and your friends can form the best-looking train! This weekend only, take a photo of your outstanding train and send it to the Comet & Co. editor! If your photo is featured in the Comet, you will receive an Editor’s Choice medal!

Check it out! We are going to have more than two train cars…this is simply a preview!

7 01 2010

New Stickers and More!

Hi, Fantagians! It’s me, Static, reporting from the IDFone Shop. Tomorrow (Thursday), new goodies will be available at my shop to jazz up your Fone! This means NEW stickers, sticker sets, skins, sticker pages, wallpapers, and more! Let’s check out some of the new items. 

Take a peek at some of the new stickers and sticker sets! 


Here are the awesome new skins, wallpapers, and sticker pages! 

Soooo cool!


 Don’t forget to check the mystery box as well…I heard some new items are being added! 

What a Party!

Thanks to everyone who particpated in our spectacular New Year’s Bash—we hope you liked all of the games, gifts, and prizes! A special congrats goes out to everyone who solved all of the superhero comic riddles and won all 4 sticker pieces!  Be sure to connect all 4 pieces together on your IDFone so all of your superhero friends can be together! 


How did YOU guys like this year’s New Year’s party? Let us know in the comments section! 

We’re Still Partying!

Hey guys! Today is the final day of the New Year’s comic riddle-solving challenge! Solve this last riddle and get the final piece to the sticker puzzle! Then, once you have collected all 4 stickers…go to your IDFone and put the sticker together by connecting the pieces! Impress your friends by having a GIANT superhero sticker on your Fone! 


Look for the fourth and final superhero today and complete the entire sticker puzzle! 

2010 Has Arrived!

Happy New Year! 2010 may have already arrived…but our New Year’s bash is just getting started! Today, we have a new comic riddle for you to solve…guess the answers correctly and receive another sticker piece! Do you think you can help Comet Girl save New Year’s by completing her tough comic riddles? 


We hope you had a fantastic New Year’s Eve! Did you enjoy watching the ball drop over at  the Castle? 

2010, Here We Come!

5, 4, 3, 2, 1….Happy New Year, Fantagians! Our fantastic Ball drop event will be released at 11 pm, EST over at the Castle! Wait until midnight, then CLICK on the ball and watch it drop! After you drop the ball, click on the firework machine and watch as a colorful burst of fireworks fills the sky! Also, don’t forget to nab your free gifts over at Uptown—these items are sure to add some snazz and pizzazz to your New Year’s celebration! 

Also, check out the New Year’s rare items! You can find these at Wizard’s Domain. 


We hope you are having fun solving Neptune’s comic riddle! Be sure to read the comic all the way through and then guess which answer makes the most sense! After you answer correctly, you will receive one piece of a free sticker. Each day of the party, solve the riddles and win a piece of a giant sticker. By Sunday, you will be able to put all 4 pieces together to make one whole sticker! 

Here is a sneak peak of what these sticker pieces look like: 



New Year’s Party Details!




Hello Fantagians! We hope you are getting ready to have some serious New Year’s fun! The party will start tomorrow (Dec. 31st) and will end on Sunday (Jan. 3rd).  For those of you who guessed that the “contraption” is a ball for New Year’s…you would be absolutely correct! To make the ball drop, all you have to do is click on it and watch as it rings in the year 2010!  

We also have some fun comic riddles for you to solve! All you will have to do is read the comics…but you will notice that some of the talk bubbles have been left blank! Oh no! It is up to you to fill them in with the correct answers! Do you think you are up to the challenge? Guess them all correct and receive a special prize!  


Also—don’t forget to watch for the fireworks!  

2010 New Years Bash!


Get ready to ring in the year 2010 at our upcoming New Year’s extravaganza! The party will last from Dec. 31st until Jan. 3rd….that is 4 days of CRAZY New Years fun! The party will feature tons of games, surprises, and free gifts! Your New Years party host this year will be our very own Static (you know, the cool guy from the IDFone Shop!)…and I hear he has quite a puzzle in store for you. The puzzle he has prepared for all of you prize-hungry Fantagians involves a bit of comic genius. Do you know what it might be?  

And while we are on the subject…what do you think this contraption might be for?  


More details will come soon so stay tuned!